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van Krieken Encyclopedia of Pathology / Book + eReference

Verlag: Springer


The scope of this 15–20-volume set addresses the entire field of pathology, ranging from general pathological terms to specific diseases to diagnostic methods. Published as print edition and online version (eReference) in the Springer Reference Program each topical volume sticks out by clearly and homogenously structured entries. A team of international experts guarantee that the essays and definitions are scientifically sound. The A-Z format of each topical volume allow readers to quickly and easily find the information they need. The major advantage of the encyclopedia is the way it makes relevant information available not only to pathologists, but also to all clinicians and researchers of the neighboring disciplines working together with pathologists who occasionally might wish to look up terms online.

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Anzahl Band Erscheinungsdatum Einzelpreis
Dental and Oral Pathology / Book + eReference April 2016 416,23 €
Head and Neck Pathology / Book + eReference April 2016 534,99 €
Dermatopathology / Book + eReference Mai 2016 416,23 €
Infectious Disease and Parasites / Book + eReference Juni 2016 416,23 €
Cytopathology / Book + eReference Mai 2017 449,39 €
Pathology of the Gastrointestinal Tract / Book + eReference Juni 2017 481,49 €
Pioneers in Pathology / Book + eReference September 2017 481,49 €
Breast Pathology / Book + eReference Oktober 2019 641,99 €
Hematopathology / Book + eReference November 2019 748,99 €
Uropathology, Book + eReference Mai 2020 481,49 €
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