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Greer, Marx, Said, Prok

Pediatric Head and Neck Pathology

Pediatric Head and Neck Pathology

Juli 2017

Hardcover, 450 p., 1041 ill.

Verlag: Cambridge

ISBN: 978-1-316-61399-3

Statt 179,00 EUR
Nur 129,00 EUR

inkl. 7 % MwSt.

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This unique reference provides a comprehensive guide to pediatric head and neck pathology in patients up to the age of 21. Chapters take a clinicopathologic approach, offering insight into the pathobiology, diagnosis and treatment of both common and rare disorders. Imaging studies and immunohistochemical techniques are discussed alongside accepted and emerging molecular tools. The authors' holistic approach ensures coverage of the surgical management principles that pathologists must understand, particularly when called upon to diagnose odontogenic tumors and cysts, as well as benign and malignant salivary gland neoplasms. The book is richly illustrated in color throughout. Each copy of the printed book is packaged with a password, providing online access to the book's text and image library. Written by leaders in head and neck pathology and surgery, this is an essential guide to solving the diagnostic dilemmas that pathologists and clinicians encounter in the assessment of pediatric head and neck disease.

  • Will enable the reader to use a single reference source by offering comprehensive coverage of the subject
  • Allows the reader to easily pinpoint disease causation from a molecular perspective by providing up-to-date cytogenetic information
  • Provides additional insight into the true demographics associated with head and neck pediatric disease by including a broad demographic that covers the pediatric population ages 0-21



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