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Lechpammer, Del Bigio, Folkerth Perinatal Neuropathology

ISBN: 978-1-107-15979-2

Auflage: 1st Ed.

Erscheinungsdatum: September 2021

Einband: Hardcover + Digital: online access

Verlag: Cambridge

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There is an increasing demand for high-standard fetal and infant neuropathology examinations. Novel imaging techniques, development of new diagnostic methods and advances in genetics have stimulated the interest in gaining additional knowledge on developmental, perinatal and neonatal neuropathology. Approaching the subject from a practical standpoint, diagnostic templates for reports are provided in this essential guide to aid clinicians with different areas of expertise. Each chapter will includes numerous high-quality images, accompanied by explanatory legends from the authors' own experiences. Covering autopsy and tissue processing techniques, the authors discuss a range of disorders such as neural tube defects, brain tumours, storage disorders and many others. This book provides access to an online version on Cambridge Core, which can be accessed via the code printed on the inside of the cover. Compiling the latest advances in fetal and infant diagnostics and care, this book is a highly valuable educational resource. 

  • Approaches the subject matter from a practical standpoint, providing report templates that have been generated by leading experts in the subject that the reader can use as a basis for their own work
  • Contains over 250 high-quality images and illustrations, which will aid the reader in understanding the content
  • Readers can gain full HTML access of the whole book, with expandable figures and resources, via a scratch-off code inside the cover