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Lamps Surgical Pathology of the Gastrointestinal System: Bacterial, Fungal, Viral, and Parasitic Infections

ISBN: 978-1-4419-0860-5

Auflage: 1st Ed.

Erscheinungsdatum: November 2009

Einband: Hardcover

Seitenzahl: 300 p.

Illustrationen: 600 ill.

Verlag: Springer

Lieferzeit ab Ihrer Bestellung: 2-14 Tage je nach Lieferbarkeit und Verlag


Diagnostic Surgical Pathology of Gastrointestinal Infectious Diseases provides a unique diagnostic reference text for the practicing surgical pathologist by combining the superior illustrations of an atlas with carefully written prose to create a useful diagnostic companion. Each chapter, is extensively illustrated, and contains brief clinical descriptions, as well as prose discussions of diagnostic features, differential diagnosis, and ancillary tests that help confirm the diagnosis (i.e. immunohistochemistry, special histochemical stains, or molecular diagnosic techniques). The descriptive sections of each chapter are organized into short paragraphs and bullet points, for easy reference, and include liberal use of tables to compare and contrast organisms and summarize differential diagnoses. This volume will help the practicing pathologist become aware of the adjunctive tests that are available to help confirm diagnosis if needed.

Chretien, Wong, Sharer
März 2020
1st Ed., Hardcover, 552 p.
Wiley Blackwell
ISBN: 978-1-119-46776-2
264,00 € *
WHO Editorial Board
April 2020
5th Ed., Softcover, 607 p., richly illustrated
World Health Organization
ISBN: 978-92-8324502-5
139,00 € *
WHO Editorial Board
September 2020
5th Ed., Softcover, 632 p., 850+ ill.
World Health Organization
ISBN: 978-92-8324504-9
139,00 € *
Momeni, Pincus, Libien
September 2017
1st Ed., Hardcover, 309 S., 84 ill.
ISBN: 978-3-319-60542-5
139,09 € *