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Jimenez-Ayala Cytopathology of the Glandular Lesions of the Female Genital Tract

ISBN: 978-3-8055-9464-6

Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2010

Einband: Hardcover

Seitenzahl: 110 p.

Illustrationen: 170 ill.

Verlag: Karger

Gewicht: 0.5 kg
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This monograph presents a detailed description of outstanding cytopathological lesions of the female genital tract. Twelve international experts in the cytopathology of glandular lesions cover the complete spectrum of this challenging subject.
Genital glandular lesions, both benign and malignant, are an appealing field of cytopathology. Malignant lesions of the endocervix and endometrium are becoming more common all over the world, compared to squamous cell carcinoma. In situ and invasive endocervical adenocarcinoma, endometrial adenocarcinoma and endometrial hyperplasias are presented in this book. Additionally ovarian lesions focusing data obtained from detailed intraoperative studies and other areas of the genital tract, such as the vulva and fallopian tube, which are less known and thus have seen fewer publications, are also shown. The impact of the Bethesda System, as well as basic and ancillary techniques in the study of glandular lesions complete the monograph.
This book will be of great use to cytopathologists, pathologists and cytotechnologists and to students of these specialities as it deals with the most common areas of their daily work.