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Isaacs Tumors of the Fetus and Infant

An Atlas

ISBN: 978-3-642-31619-7

Auflage: 2nd Ed.

Erscheinungsdatum: Juni 2013

Einband: Hardcover

Seitenzahl: 328 p.

Illustrationen: 256 ill.

Verlag: Springer

Lieferzeit ab Ihrer Bestellung: 2-14 Tage je nach Lieferbarkeit und Verlag


  • Concise, easy to use reference source of value for not only pathologists but also clinicians, resident physicians, and other medical specialists
  • Presents and discusses the clinical presentation and features, imaging studies, pathology (gross and microscopic features), and prognosis for each tumor entity
  • First atlas to focus solely on tumors in the fetus, neonate, and infant

Over the past two decades, the remarkable advances in imaging techniques, such as ultrasound and fast or ultra-fast MRI, have led to the diagnosis of an increasing number of tumors at the prenatal stage. This revised, abundantly illustrated second edition of Tumors of the Fetus and Infant: An Atlas presents an up-to-date account of the clinical and pathological features of neoplastic disease and tumor-like conditions in the fetus, neonate, and infant and discusses major tumor studies and cases from throughout the world. The full range of tumors is covered, with each chapter reviewing the incidence, clinical findings, cytogenetics, pathology, radiology, treatment, and prognosis. The goal is to enable the reader to gain a clear understanding of these lesions so that a correct diagnosis can be achieved and appropriate treatment, initiated. This atlas will also serve as a concise and easy to use reference source not only for pathologists but also for clinicians, resident physicians, medical students, and other medical specialists.