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Feldman, Cline, Pona, Kolli Treatment Adherence in Dermatology

ISBN: 978-3-030-27808-3

Erscheinungsdatum: November 2019

Einband: Hardcover

Seitenzahl: 106 p.

Illustrationen: 4 ill.

Verlag: Springer

Lieferzeit ab Ihrer Bestellung: 2-14 Tage je nach Lieferbarkeit und Verlag


  • Part of the Updates in Clinical Dermatology series
  • Addresses reasons, specific to the field of dermatology, that patients may not adhere to their treatment plans
  • Offering patient and physician-centered strategies alongside technological advancements to promote adherence
  • Focuses in on populations with the most common occurrence of adherence issues: children and patients with multiple co-morbidities

Patient adherence to a given treatment plan directly correlates to the quality of disease outcome. In looking at the how and why behind patient adherence and non-adherence to a treatment regimen, understanding realistic expectations of a patient can provide a beneficial guide towards providing optimal healthcare.
Treatment Adherence in Dermatology offers insight and strategies for understanding and promoting treatment adherence with a focus on dermatological conditions, specifically psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and acne. Reasons for non-adherence are investigated particularly in populations such as children and patients with multiple co-morbidities. The proposed text provides patient and physician-centered strategies alongside technological advancements to promote adherence.  Written for the practicing dermatologist, this title will find audience with primary care physicians, students, residents, and other practicing doctors alike.