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Epstein, Reuter, Amin Biopsy Interpretation of the Bladder

Biopsy Interpretation Series

ISBN: 978-1-975199-20-3

Auflage: 4th Ed.

Erscheinungsdatum: August 2023

Einband: Hardcover + Digital: online access

Seitenzahl: 400 p.

Illustrationen: richly illustrated

Verlag: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Dieser Artikel ist Teil des Reihenwerks "Biopsy Interpretation Series"

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Part of the highly regarded Biopsy Interpretation Series, Biopsy Interpretation of the Bladder, 4th Edition, provides practical, highly illustrated information on the diagnosis and prognosis of the full range of biopsies of the urothelial tract. Practical, well-organized, and highly readable, this fully revised volume by Drs. Jonathan I. Epstein, Victor E. Reuter, and Mahul B. Amin addresses both common and unusual issues that arise in the day-to-day interpretation of bladder biopsies, teaching the best diagnostic practices as well as how to avoid the most common pitfalls. 

  • Helps you accurately identify all lesions, tumors, and tumor-like lesions for the bladder—from normal anatomy and histology to a wide range of both common and unusual findings
  • Frames each diagnosis in its most common clinical context, explaining how the pathology can be used to make key clinical management decisions
  • Presents key differential features of tumors, organized according to diagnostic category
  • Features high-quality photomicrographs and illustrations throughout, including updated images both in print and online—nearly 500 images in all
  • Provides access to interactive questions and answers online for self-assessment and review
  • Incorporates the latest World Health Organization and  Genitourinary Pathology Society (GUPS) classifications

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