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Cagle (Ed.) Frozen Section Library

Verlag: Springer


The Frozen Section Library series will provide convenient, user-friendly handbooks for each organ system to expedite use in the hurried frozen section situation. These books will be small and light-weight, copiously color illustrated with images of actual frozen sections, highlighting pitfalls, artifacts and differential diagnosis. These books will also include perspectives for the surgeon and for communication with the surgeon and suggest ancillary procedures (for example, when to take tissue for microbiology cultures). Each 5 X 8 book is estimated to be about 200 to 250 pages in toto with 100 to 150 color figures each.
This series will be highly valuable to practicing surgical pathologists, both community and academic, and to pathology residents and fellows. The perspectives provided will also be valuable to surgeons and especially to surgery residents and fellows who must answer questions about pathology and frozen section on their board examinations. These handbooks will be easily portable by the individual but it is envisioned that many departments will want to also keep a series readily available in the frozen section laboratory.

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Anzahl Band Erscheinungsdatum Einzelpreis
Frozen Section Library: Lung Dezember 2008 117,69 €
Frozen Section Library: Genitourinary Tract Oktober 2009 117,69 €
Frozen Section Library: Pleura April 2010 117,69 €
Frozen Section Library: Appendix, Colon, and Anus Oktober 2010 117,69 €
Frozen Section Library: Central Nervous System Januar 2011 171,19 €
Frozen Section Library: Head and Neck März 2011 117,69 €
Frozen Section Library: Pancreas März 2011 160,49 €
Frozen Section Library: Bone Mai 2011 160,49 €
Frozen Section Library: Liver, Extrahepatic Biliary Tree and Gallbladder September 2011 128,39 €
Frozen Section Library: Lymph Nodes November 2011 176,54 €
Frozen Section Library: Breast November 2011 117,69 €
Frozen Section Library: Gynecologic Pathology Intraoperative Consultation Januar 2012 181,89 €
Frozen Section Library: Endocrine Organs Dezember 2013 128,39 €
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