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Knochenmark, Lymphatisches System, Milz, Thymus

Klöppel, Kreipe, Remmele (Hrsg.)

Knochenmark, Lymphatisches System, Milz, Thymus

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McKee, Calonje, Brenn, Lazar

Pathology of the Skin

with Clinical Correlations

Pathology of the Skin

September 2011

4th Edition, Hardcover + online access, 2 Volumes, 1906 p., 3353 ill.

Verlag: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-1-4160-5649-2

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The most complete, in-depth coverage of the field available today in one source! It focuses particularly on etiology and pathogenesis, disease mechanisms and includes all of the appropriate recent genetic, molecular and basic science data. More than 5,400 illustrations provide diagnostic assistance of clinical variants to support clinicopathological correlation and differential diagnoses. The 3rd Edition has been completely reorganized and redesigned to better meet the diagnostic challenges faced in everyday practice. Histologic and diagnostic pitfalls are highlighted throughout and include detailed references for all relevant conditions.

  • Details all of the histological variations of any skin condition, integrating dermatopathology, clinical correlations, and clinical photographs
  • Uses tables to highlight key clinical and diagnostic points
  • Provides differential diagnosis tables to facilitate "at-a-glance" comparison
  • All relevant genetic and molecular material is included
  • over 5,400 illustrations that are downloadable for presentations
  • Every conceivable variant is illustrated


New to this edition:


  • Offers six brand-new chapters covering hair, drug reactions, oral mucosa, diseases of the vulva, and the physical effects of skin/photosensitivity, and reorganizes the chapter on inflammatory dermatoses into three chapters
  • Emphasizes diagnosis with diagnostic pitfalls described in at-a-glance tables, where appropriate, with page references to the relevant conditions
  • Every indexed topic comprehensively discussed and illustrated
  • Includes 70% new, high quality histologic illustrations
  • Presents the key clinical features for each entity in bulleted format for ease of reference



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