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D'Agati, Jennette, Silva

Non-Neoplastic Kidney Diseases

AFIP Atlas of Nontumor Pathology Vol. 4 / LESS DISCOUNT FOR SUBSCRIBERS

Non-Neoplastic Kidney Diseases

November 2005

Hardcover, 721 p., 1349 ill.

Publisher: American Registry of Pathology

ISBN: 978-1-881041-96-4

144,00 EUR

incl. 7 % Tax

+ postage outside Germany

Delivery times, dependent on availability and publisher: between 2 and 14 days from when you complete the order.

The fourth fascicle of the Atlas of Nontumor Pathology is devoted to the highly significant area of Kidney disease. This comprehensive volume covers the major disease categories, including congenital an hereditary diseases, acquired diseases of the native kidney (primarily affecting glomerular, tubulointerstitial, and vascular components) as well as diseases of the renal allograft. Kidney biopsies are most important in kidney transplantation but are also critical in the diagnosis of many other areas of nephrology. Biopsies, first introduced in the 1950s as a standard procedure, have been developed to include a systematic integration of the clinical, serological and radiographic findings with morphology as demonstrated by light microscopy, immunofluorescence microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Nomenclature used is that preferred by practicing North American pathologists and is consistent with the widely recognized International Nomenclature of Disease.



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