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Referenz Nephrologie


Referenz Nephrologie

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Transplantation Pathology

Transplantation Pathology

April 2018

2nd Ed., Hardcover, 386 p., 426 ill.

Publisher: Cambridge

ISBN: 978-1-107-44328-0

154,00 EUR

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Modernize your approach to graft biopsies, diagnosis and pathogenesis in transplantation pathology, with the second edition of this specialized textbook. Reach the latest classification schemes, combining both anatomic and clinical pathology, and gain a comprehensive understanding of detailed pathological processes, affecting both host and graft. Following publication of the first edition in 2009, technological advances in understanding of transplant immunology and physiology have enhanced many aspects of pathological diagnoses. This edition bridges key knowledge gaps in pathophysiologic mechanisms and constantly evolving clinical protocols, facilitating strong support for the pathologist, clinician, and student. Authored by leading experts in transplantation medicine, this multimedia guide boasts richly illustrated images, underscoring vital diagnostic features for busy readers. Addressing topics such as the immunopathology of graft rejection, laboratory medicine and dermatological complications in transplantation, this textbook engages with a variety of underlying pathogeneses, taking into account current laboratory and clinical findings, worldwide.

  • Thorough evaluation of all transplanted organs to provide a comprehensive overview for a variety of specialist
  • Combines anatomic and clinical pathology to ensure a completed pathological view of transplantation management
  • Incorporates cutting-edge developments in transplantation management, to modernize pathology techniques and approaches